52 Peaks Challenge

Peak 2: Mt Thomas

This weekend I’ve travelled across the Canterbury Plains to Mt Thomas, a small peak (1023m) overlooking the sea and basically is one of the foothills that makes up the start of the Southern Alps from the east, second in line out of 52 peaks.

This route started at the Wooded Creek Campsite and quickly climbed up the Summit Track to 1023m over about 3.5km. From there I ran along the ridge to the second, un-named (yet higher) peak (1082m) and then back down the shaded Ridge Track to the campsite grounds.

The climb was a little bit masochistic, but I tried to push it across the tops and down the ridge to complete the run in just under 1hr35m.  Not too bad for the second peak in the challenge… there are a line of peaks here near the Ashley Forest that I’m sure will become my home for a few peaks to come.

Next Up: off to Wanaka for the 3rd run in the challenge…

That’s all for now…


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