Privacy Policy

My privacy statement

There are a lots of news headlines all across the world at the moment concerning users’ privacy, data leaks and even ‘honest companies’ bending the rules and selling mass amounts of user data. I’ve decided to take a stand on this and only measure what I need to keep the website up and running.

My interest in visitor data is minimal. I wanted a solution where I could find out the following:

  1. The number of pages viewed
  2. Which pages were viewed
  3. How long people spent on the pages
  4. Where people came from to view the pages (referrals)

Therefore, I’ve decided to remove Google Analytics from my website and installed Fathom Analytics, who have a really robust user (and privacy first) data policy. They also comply with all GDPR rules, which all protect consumer privacy online. Fathom also doesn’t use cookies to store any information and anonymises users with a complex series of hashes.

You can start using Fathom today, and read more information on Fathom and their data policies.

Cookies and Caching

This website (like most others on the internet) definitely does use cookies. The cookies I’m using are to support the speed in which the website loads (caching). It does this automatically in your browser by noting that you (or a user) has previously visited the website. If a page hasn’t changed since the last visit, it should load quicker for that user.

Also for some of my “web stuff”, a cookie may be used to provide you with information about your last visits to show you “scores” or other information that’s relevant to your subsequent visit.

Collecting contact form data & information

If you enter your email address into a contact form, this is ONLY used to reply and communicate to the respondent.

No information is collected for marketing purposes from the contact form, and if it was it would be explicitly stated on that page/form.

Sometimes I use embedded content from other websites…

Which means that some embedded content (e.g. videos, images, articles, etc.) behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website, and this will mean that you may be leaving your data fingerprint on these websites.

However, I’ve tried to minimise this wherever possible. The largest offender on this website is Youtube.