Two peaks with a twist…

I’m currently processing all the video footage and photos from my latest trip to the West Coast – north of Reefton to the brand new DOC trail (yet old mining trail) the Old Ghost Road, ¬†and south towards Greymouth to the famous biking trail the Croesus Track.

The two peaks in question are Rocky Tor (1456m) and Croesus Knob (1204m), both with at least 1000m climb from the start of the run to the summit to tick of two of the 52 peaks.

A slight twist with these peaks though… I used alternative transport to get partly to the summits this time (with me running the climb to the tops – one peak with the use of a helicopter and the other with a mountain bike, both totally worth the time and effort!!

Here are a few photos to whet your¬†appetite before the videos are ready…

Inside the Helicopter - 52 Peaks
Inside the Helicopter on the way to the Old Ghost Road
Mountain Biking the Croesus Track - 52 Peaks
Mountain Biking the Croesus Track

Keep checking back for this awesome update of 52 peaks!


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