Ben Lomond from the trail

A weekend away is always nice, especially into the mountains. Queenstown was the destination for a spot of mountain running, luging, frisbee golf and drinks thrown in too. A gathering of friends from around the world was an opportunity not to be missed. So there it stood on a Sunday evening, to the north… somewhere… with the rain lashing down on the cab window – “the weather is getting better” the driver said as we pulled into the hostel… I didn’t know whether it was his welcome to Queenstown speech or whether he knew what was happening, he was certainly wise enough.

Crossing the 3 Peaks Finish Line

After a week recovering from something I picked up in Punakaiki (was it a bug going round, that venison burger I had from the cafe or nature’s sign that I needed a rest…) and as I’d stopped the vommiting, it …

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