Apparently wearing a Buff and mild sunstroke makes you crazy

After Mt Somers being yet another trip in the snow and the cloud, Mt Charon was a little different!! No clouds, scorching temperatures and blue skies (although the drive started out in thick fog!).

I had planned to run up a mountain on the north side of the Clarence River just north of Hanmer Springs. It was called Maukuratawhai -translated roughly as ‘follow the fern and forest’ (not sure why as there is no vegetation here at all).

Mt Somers summit ridge

After Mt Murchison, and a weekend of rain throughout the whole of New Zealand, I felt the need to get back into running now that the snow had apparently ceased falling. So there it was; yet another work-week full of rain in Christchurch and one of proper Springtime temperatures and Mt Somers seemed like a great choice after my previous failed attempt in the deepest snow Canterbury had seen in recent years.

Another week, another peak

A gorgeous weekend where some of my friends went to the West Coast to tick off Mt Adams, I decided to have a weekend in Christchurch and complete a peak I’d tried once before, Mt Richardson (1047m). After hearing about the stunning conditions on Mt Adams, I’m a bit gutted I didn’t go but happy to have now completed my 33rd successful peak of the year!

The three Winter musketeers at the summit

What were they thinking, naming a peak Nervous Knob? a quick Google search on the subject might not be the best idea… but I decided a Winter ascent of the peak was in order this weekend, standing at 1820m, it’s a peak of a pretty high order too. Having run across the ridgeline earlier in the year for Peak 7 & 8, I decided to go bag it on a far from fine Winter’s day.

Ben Lomond from the trail

A weekend away is always nice, especially into the mountains. Queenstown was the destination for a spot of mountain running, luging, frisbee golf and drinks thrown in too. A gathering of friends from around the world was an opportunity not to be missed. So there it stood on a Sunday evening, to the north… somewhere… with the rain lashing down on the cab window – “the weather is getting better” the driver said as we pulled into the hostel… I didn’t know whether it was his welcome to Queenstown speech or whether he knew what was happening, he was certainly wise enough.