Peak 6: Croesus Knob

After the previous peak (5/52 Peaks) at the top of Old Ghost Road we set off to the south west, along the coast towards the Croesus track, an 18km track from Blackball village over the range to the Tasman Sea. The plan was to bike the 10km to Ces Clark Hut and then run the last 2km to the summit at  a picturesque 1204m (Croesus Knob Peak 6/52 Peaks).

Summit of Croesus Knob - 52 Peaks
Summit of Croesus Knob

The trail starts at 310m and rises gently for 900m to the top, taking in the old mining ruins, settlements and shafts on the way, winding its way through beech and rata forest to the peak, which was in the open, past the tree line. The biking was great, but not too technical and was well maintained which meant that we got to the top and back in an estimated 6 hours, not bad!

The Ces Clark Hut is the most beautiful I’ve seen yet, fully kitted out for 24 people, with double glazing, heater, porch huge kitchen; the works. One of the nicest views on the West Coast I imagine.

The summit climb went well, even with dead legs after the bike and previous day; and I tried to pick up the derelict trig point…but… watch the video to see how that turned out!

Back down and the looong drive back to Christchurch awaited.  A great weekend all round; helicopter, run, bike, pizza, camping, bike, run, bike… phew!

Next up, the Craigieburn range… for the next of the 52 Peaks…


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