Peak 5: Rocky Tor, Old Ghost Road

What a weekend to remember. Not only did I manage to complete two out of the 52 peaks in a weekend, but I also managed to ride in a helicopter, mountain bike up to 1200m and spent the weekend camping with some good friends.

The Old Ghost Road trail runs 85km from Lyell to Seddonville on the north end of the West Coast and the final part (from Lyell to the saddle area) has just been completed by numerous volunteers, DOC workers and the guys at Old Ghost Road.

The View to Rocky Tor - 52 Peaks
The View to Rocky Tor

The track has been made to kiwi DOC standards, so it’s rideable (and more importantly runnable) made via explosives and mini JCB diggers… and it’s been very well made with hundreds if not thousands of hours spent on it. They have the adjoining 900m to create between where the helicopters landed to the newly constructed hut at Ghost Lake – apparently this needs tunnelling as the bluffs (crags) are too steep and rocky to create a track over, under or around. Donations can be made to help the track be completed at – you can even have your name on the track by donating $95 per metre.

Anyway, back to the 5th peak…

Rocky Tor sits at 1456m above sea level, aptly named with huge rock bluffs surrounding a treble peak area rising rapidly from the surrounding saddle. Rocky Peak lies next to Mt Montgomery (1322m) and Bald Hill (1385m) and for this peak – yes I know a little bit cheeky (the novelty factor took over)… I got helicoptered to the saddle at 1250m and ran up the peak from there. I didn’t just leave it at that though. I also descended the peak back down to the drop off point and ran out, descending 1300m along the new 26km trail back down to the campground at Lyell.

Such a great run, they have done a great job. There were so many bikers up there (also taking advantage of the $99 flights), amazed that I would run such a route – 26 kilometres… off a mountain! I also met Em from Em’s Power Cookies on her way biking up to the top – she game me a ‘Power Bite’ to eat on my descent – thanks Em!

At the Top! - 5 out of 52 Peaks
At the Top!

Phew, a mountain bike in the afternoon in the Blackball area of Reefton followed by a night in a 6 man tent with a few beers trying to make a lantern out of a teabag (long story)… I was ready for the 6th peak… Croesus Knob.

That’s all for now!


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