Peak 4: Mt Alford

This weekend I headed to the plains of Canterbury to complete a peak closer to home, number 4 of 52 peaks.   Mt Alford, standing at 1171m is the largest of the mountains in the Alford range, nestled between Mt Somers and Winterslow to the south-west and the Mt Hutt range to the north.  There has been extensive work done on the tracks to the peak which was great to see and reaching the top  was a wicked boost after the steep climb onto the summit ridge.

The last few meters before the summit cairn - Peak 4 of 52 Peaks
The last few meters before the summit cairn

The environment was so different from bottom to top, starting on the plains, running through forest, fields, pasture, scrub and onto a rocky moon type environment at the cairn at the top…

Thanks to Caralyn on this one for coming with me to the top (she was a lot quicker on the descent than I was!)… and also thanks to Mike for lending me his GoPro 3 – the quality is a huge step up from my GoPro HD HERO.

In other news:  I’m now back being world ranked in orienteering after Sprint the Bay (my first event since 2007), Also, I need to do some more planning before I know where my next peak is… but might string a few in a row to give myself a few weekend’s rest while the weather is still incredible!


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  1. Putting a few together sounds like a good idea … Sort of a NZ Bob Graham … or a South Island Munro Challenge

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