Peak 19 (Complete): Foggy Peak

Gratuitous peak of the week. After not successfully completing a peak for two weeks now, I decided to bag a classic.

Foggy Peak Summit
Foggy Peak Summit

Foggy Peak (1741m) lies next to Porter’s Pass, the gateway to the Southern Alps from Christchurch. It’s a steep climb all the way to the summit and usually takes in the views of the Craigieburn Range, Canterbury Plains and sometimes even a glimpse of the Mt Cook range sparkling in the distance. Today, however, was not like that. Foggy Peak is aptly named on days like today with cloud covering every meter of ground from about 1300m and above… disappointing but a good challenge never the less.

After parking at Porter’s Pass, the route is basically up. One respite at 2/3 the way up with a stone circle shelter to rest for seconds before the final climb to the summit. At the summit, there were NO views whatsoever. I was hoping that it would clear the higher I ran, but not today… there was, however, a geocaching box hidden amongst the rocks at the summit cairn.

I filled it in with my own little note and then returned it exactly where I’d found it – something new and interesting to find in the fog anyhow!

The best bit by far is the descent.

3km downhill on scree, gravel and shale from 1741m… all the way down to the pass. Perfect for stretching the legs out after the steep climb.

The Geocaching Box on top of Foggy
The Geocaching Box on top of Foggy

Foggy Peak is a classic run – and I’ve booked the extended version for one for a clear mid Winter’s day to include: Castle Hill Peak(1998m), Red Peak (1853m), Junction Peak (1882m) and Mt Torlesse (1961m) … now that’s what you call an epic day out!!


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  1. Nice job! I saw your blog long time ago, and yesterday decided to go for an epic hike. So I browsed your blog entries on nearby mountains and found this idea of Foggy, Castle Hill, Red, Junction Peaks and Mt Torlesse, and that’s exactly what I did! Awesome day! Thanks for the tip.

    • Hey Lauri, Thanks for the message & it’s great to hear that you got out and explored the Torlesse Ranges… so beautiful up there! Maybe see you in the mountains sometime soon. 🙂

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