A Week of Rest

After completing nine of the 52 Peaks, I decided to take a weekend off to rest and recuperate after a busy start to the year.

A Rest from the 52 Peaks in the Port Hills
A Rest from the 52 Peaks in the Port Hills

I have however managed to race in the 5km Hagley Park races with Caralyn (who has been trying to get her times faster) and it’s been good to get the legs moving quickly, I’ve still got some speed in me.  Also I’ve been concentrating on Rapaki Track in the Port Hills to get some good uphill speed ready for the forthcoming peaks.  The track winds itself up to Mt Vernon (46sm) from practically sea level in about 4km, so it’s a good climb but not too steep to go over 5:30mins/km at any point.

Anyway, happy training everyone and see you at the next peak, somewhere in the Torlesse Range/Kowai Forest



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