Inspired by 52Peaks


It’s so great to see how many other adventurers, trampers, mountaineers and runners have been inspired by my 52Peaks in recent years. I’m very humbled to have created such an accessible and motivational challenge and admire those who have managed to create their own path to complete their own 52 weeks and 52 peaks.

Here is a shortlist of those that have been inspired by 52Peaks:

Malcolm Law, High 50.

Mal set off back in 2015 to complete a next level challenge… to take on 50 peaks in 50 days, across New Zealand. Raising money for Mental HealthNZ. What an incredible adventure it was, I was able to support him and a crew on a peak, Mt Fyffe near KaikĊura. He’s also now the creator of NZ’s largest trail running ‘club’,, Wild Things.

Visit Mal’s Website

Visit Mal’s Running Club, Wild Things

Ben Gibbins

Inspired by my 52Peaks in 2013, Ben was motivated to challenge himself and enhance his mountaineering skills. He has also gone a step further and is now undertaking the 100 Peak Challenge across New Zealand

View Ben’s Website

Read his article on Stuff about the 52Peaks Challenge

Cameron Hill

Cameron started his challenge in 2020 and is doing it for such good reasons. He notes on his website he’s doing it to “push my body physically and mentally while I am still in a position to do so”. What a great reason to have a year of microadventures.

Visit Cameron’s Website

Hiking Is Good, Michal

Michal is undertaking his version of the 52 Peaks Challenge in 2021 – he has adopted Ben Gibbin’s criteria and looks like he’s having a great stab at some amazing peaks in the New Zealand summer.

View Michal’s Website

Alastair Humpreys

Alistair Humpreys and David Hanney, CEO of Alpkit in the UK mentioned the 52Peaks Challenge in their podcast in 2020.

Listen to the podcast

View Alastairs website

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